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Whole Horsemanship Riding Clinics

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*Whole Horsemanship Clinic Dates Indicate dates of Arrival and Departure

Denotes Holidays & Community Events

2017 Hill Country Equestrian Lodge Calendar of Events

Jan. 1 Cowgirl Round-up and Showdeo
at Hill Country State Natural Area, (HCSNA).
Jan. 6-8 Bandera 100 Run in HCSNA
Jan. 6-8 Runners' Weekend at HCEL. Special Discounts for Bandera 100 runners!
Jan. 15-20 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
Feb. 5-10 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/Optional Jumping Clinic
Feb. 19-24 Whole Horsemanship Clinic
Mar. 5-10 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
Mar. 10-24 Texas Schools Spring Break
Mar. 26-31 Whole Horsemanship Clinic
April 9-14 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
April 14-16 Easter Weekend
April 23-28 Whole Horsemanship Clinic
May 7-12 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
May 21-26 Whole Horsemanship Clinic
May 26-29 Memorial Weekend. Bandera ProRodeo! Fri, Sat., Sun performances!
June 2-4 Cattle Team Penning and Sorting Clinic!
June 4-9 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
June 18-July 8 Girls' Whole Horsemanship Camps!
Jul. 30- Aug. 4 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
Sept. 4-6 Labor Day Weekend. Celebrate Bandera events
in Bandera.
Sept. 10-15 Whole Horsemanship Clinic
Sept. 24-29 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
Oct. 6-8 Ladies' Fall Weekend Retreat
Oct. 8-13 Whole Horsemanship Clinic
Oct. 22-27 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
Nov. 10-12 Cattle Team Sorting and Penning Clinic!
Nov. 11 Veterans' Day
Nov. 12-17 Whole Horsemanship Clinic
Nov. 19-25 Thanksgiving Week.
Dec. 10-15 Whole Horsemanship Clinic/ Optional Jumping Clinic
Dec. 25 Christmas Day
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve- Fireworks, Peter's Music, refreshments and champagne at the Ranch House!
Jan 1, 2018 High Noon- Cowgirl Round-up and Showdeo in Hill Country State Natural Area!
For those guests who want to improve their horsemanship skills, Hill Country Equestrian Lodge offers its own Whole Horsemanship Clinics. From the ground to the saddle, students learn how to draw upon methods ranging from  Join-up to Centered Riding to experience the ultimate horse and rider relationship.


Call now! Space is Limited!

Whole Horsemanship Clinics are appropriate for riders of all ages. Clinics are offered in either Western or English style, and the principals taught can be applied to all disciplines. Riders of any skill level will benefit from this in-depth study of the fundamentals of effective riding and horsemanship. (Only riders of like skill level are taught together.) A maximum student to teacher ratio of 2 to 1 insures ample personal attention.

Topics of study include:

  • Psychology and ground work. The basis for effective communication.
  • Developing a non-interfering, balanced seat, effective cueing.
  • Developing balanced, athletic movement in the horse.
  • Applying the above principals to specific disciplines and events.

Students may work with their own horses, or with one of the Lodge's. Our clinic mounts are individually selected for their excellent dispositions, responsiveness, beauty and athleticism.

Note: A weight limit of 225 lb. is required for riders of Hill Country Equestrian Lodge's horses.

Clinic Director, Dianne Lindig Tobin has trained horses and ridden for over 30 years, competing successfully to earn high point awards in both English and Western disciplines, Trail, and Reining. Her knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics and her versatile teaching style make her an effective and well-loved instructor.

Whole Horsemanship Clinics take place over 4 or more days, and include 2 hours of instruction in the mornings, and 2 hours of trail riding or casual riding in the arena, (participants' choice), in the evenings, Whole Horsemanship Instructional Manual, and personal video tape of each student's clinic experience.

Whole Horsemanship Clinics are one more reason why Hill Country Equestrian Lodge is the ultimate horseback riding vacation

What students say about Whole Horsemanship Clinics:

"Both Mary and I have benefitted greatly from the week that we spent with you. We are both using the techniques that you taught us and it has improved our riding and training."-Susan Petrillo, Mary Prelovsky, Ocala FL

"Dianne, Thanks again for all your help. The small things like keeping my spine straight, my shoulders level, and my hands lower have improved my horse's life immensely." -Laurelee Oakley, Amarillo, TX

"Dianne, Again, your generosity and talents have made the experience enefable." -Barbara and Joanne Cech, Vista, CA

"Dianne, Thank you for your patience, your professionalism, your love for these magnificent animals, and your ability to teach others how to appreciate, respect, and love them also. This has been an experience I'll never forget."-Linda Howe, Houston, TX

"Everything about our time at your ranch was wonderful- your lessons, your horses, your beautiful cabins, & your gorgeous land. Thank you for sharing it all with us. As we said, we intend to return,"-Steve and Linny Ramsey, Detroit, MI

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