Our Horses, Our Stars!

Socks, Impy, and Tuffy, looking especially dapper for the Memorial Weekend parade in Bandera. We call them our “Chestnut Club”!

Here at Hill Country Equestraian Lodge, we make no bones about it- We’re proud of our horses! And no wonder! Every individual in our herd has been selected for his or her beauty, athleticism, training, and disposition. And that makes your riding experience here one you will find no place else. From show records to pedigrees, to exceptional versatility, every one of them has something very special to offer its lucky rider. And you needn’t worry that this is a “bait and switch” routine. These are the actual horses on whom our guests take their lessons or clinics and enjoy their rides. So read on, and enjoy getting to know our horses, our stars!


Molly Minnick is our awesome 12 year old grey Quarter Horse mare. She is a grand-daughter of World Champion cutting horse Smart Little Lena, is trained for reining and shown in TRHA events. Her way of going is incredibly smooth and flowing and she responds to the most subtle of cues. What makes her even ore amazing is her ability to adapt to various skill levels of rides- quick with a balanced rider, more deliberate and careful with someone less skilled. Molly and Socks were Dianne’s personal horses who came with her to the ranch in 1999.


This lovely 13 year old Quarter Horse gelding arrived at the Lodge with Dianne and Peter in 1999. In 1998, Socks won championship trophy buckles in Trail, English Equitation, Showmanship at Halter, and Western Horse, novice division. His versatility and sensitivity under saddle make him a favorite of skilled riders here at the ranch. You may recognize his lovely, expressive face, rich color and distinctive markings from the Tractor Supply commercials he has starred in with George Strait.


Impressive Identity is a grandson of the World Champion Halter Quarter Horse, Impressive. He is Peter’s personal horse, and came to the ranch in 1999 soon after our arrival here. His lovely gaits and steadiness on the trail make him a favorite for trailrides, as well as lessons and clinics. His tolerant temperament makes him ideal for riders of many ages- children through adults, and of varied skill levels. At 23 years old, he still carries the elegant beauty and condition of his famous grandsire.


This handsome senior statesman is a perrienial favorite of young riders here at the ranch. He has nurtured many a newcomer through their first ride, and willingly and quietly carried them as they developed their riding skills.Tuffy’s elegant carriage and nimble movement belie his 20+ age under both Western and English tack. Tuffy has been featured in Ford truck tv commercials in his role as Hispanic singer Emilio’s horse.


This pretty bay Quarter Horse mare has been part of our herd since 2003. Bred and trained for Western Pleasure, she has smooth, collected gaits, and a quiet attitude on the trail. Her compact 15 hand size and lovely proportions make her a favorite, especially among the ladies learning to ride here at the Lodge. She is superb under Western, and is equally stylish under English tack. What a doll!


Blackjack Bargain also came to live at the Lodge in 2003. His long, flowing strides and elegant 16-1 hand frame make him a favorite for Hunt Seat riders and students. (He travels equally nicely under Western tack on the trail.) At 7 years old, he already shows the sensible and willing attitude typical of the Quarter Horse breed, and is quickly earning his place as the preferred mount of many guests here at the ranch.


Smoky, registered as Relentless Jack in the APHA and IBHA, is a classic Grulla lineback dun. His unusual color and elegant lines and movement give him an eye-catching quality under Hunt Seat and Western styles. His “floating” trot and gentle, rocking canter delight guests on the trail and in the arena. Smoky came to live at the ranch at age 9, in March of 2004.