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Welcome to THE LODGE STORE, your source for Whole Horsemanship DVD’s, T-Shirts, Caps, Visors, music and more. Each item is described and its price listed below. (7% sales tax is included in the price). Sample Peter's music, or play clips from Whole Horsemanship DVDs by clicking on the links below.

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A: (Top Left): Hill Country Equestrian Lodge Caps. Choice of Denim with Khaki Bill, or Khaki with Denim Bill- Price $18.00

B: (Top Right): Hill Country Equestrian Lodge Visors. Choice of Navy with Khaki Trim, or Khaki with Navy Trim- Price $18.00

C: (Center): Hill Country Equestrian Lodge T-Shirts. Name and Logo on left chest, Enlarged Logo on the back. White with Cerulean Blue. Choice of “Whole Horsemanship” or just “Hill Country Equestrian Lodge” on left chest. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL.- Price $18.00

D, E and F: (Lower Left and Lower Right): Whole Horsemanship DVD Series Parts 1, 2 and 3. 2008 Best of Texas Instructor of the Year, Dianne Lindig Tobin, shares her method for developing your optimum level of horsemanship, as well as for maintaining your horse’s optimum level of training and athleticism throughout your horse’s lifetime.

Valuable for all disciplines and skill levels, our 4-part DVD series follows the format of our 5-day Whole Horsemanship Clinic, and integrates technical skill with intuitive connection in the horsemanship process.

D: Part 1: Groundwork and Psychology. Part 1 gets you started on the path to developing your intuitive connection with your horse, as well as your horse’s balance and athleticism, from the ground up. Basic and Advanced Exercises take you and your horse step-by-step through the process. Part 1 includes 2 DVD’s, with approximately 1 and ½ hours of instruction.

Price for Whole Horsemanship Series Part 1, Groundwork and Psychology
(2-DVD set)- $45.00 or 2 sets for $60.00
Click here to view clips from Part 1

E: Part 2: The Rider’s Body. Develop a balanced, non-interfering seat, which works with, not against your horse’s natural movement and energy. Begin to add subtle signals with your posture, breath, and energy to influence your horse's movement. Part 2 includes 2 DVD's with approximately 1 and 1/4 hours of instruction.

Price for Whole Horsemanship Series, Part 2, The Rider's Body
(2-DVD set)- $45.00 or 2 sets for $60.00
Click here to view clips from Part 2

F: Part 3: Developing Your Horse’s Athleticism. In this 2-part DVD set, Dianne takes you step-by step through the skills and movements essential for developing your horse’s optimum athleticism, and for maintaining it throughout your horse’s career. Whether you ride, Western English, or Dressage, you’ll find this DVD set indispensable for explaining how to use your body, breath, and aids to create balance and lightness when executing both fundamental and advanced maneuvers. Skills explained include balanced stopping, backing, straightness, bending turns and circles, turns on the forehand and haunches, renvers, travers, leg yield, half-pass, flying changes of lead, roll-backs, and reining pivots or turn-arounds. About 1 hour and 45 minutes of instruction.

Price for Whole Horsemanship Series, Part 3, Developing Your Horse’s Athleticism
(2-DVD set)- $45.00 or 2 sets for $60.00
Click here to view clips from Part 3

G: Peter Lovett - Original CD: Now and Then
A beautiful debut release of the singer/songwriter's musical journey from solo acoustic to rock and back.
Buy CD - $12.99 or Download - $9.99 from CDBaby

Peter Lovett: Now and Then

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